5 Coworking Trends We're Watching for 2019 and Beyond

5 Coworking Trends We're Watching for 2019 and Beyond

  • David Passman
  • 02/9/19

Explore the Most Popular Trends in Coworking.

According to Coworker, coworking is growing at a rate of 24.8% annually. Because of this, the demand for coworking spaces is also growing, and it is predicted that there will be more than 30,432 coworking spaces and over 5.1 million coworking members by the year 2022. With that in mind, here are five coworking trends we’re watching for 2019 and beyond.

1. Niche Spaces

Niche spaces offer sector-specific coworking spaces including labs, commercial kitchens, writing spaces, etc. Female coworking spaces—places where women can build strong business relationships, form mentoring groups, and utilize creative zones to grow their businesses and networks—could be the hottest in this category. Hera Hub is an excellent example of this. 

2. Wellness

Health and wellness amenities like yoga, meditation, and walking paths are on the rise. Studies show that bringing people together through coworking spaces is also improving mental health with the growth of checkyomate. Incorporating member health care coverage and medical cooperatives is benefiting members as well.

3. Technology

Technology is improving efficiency by helping coworkers find and book coworking spaces. Technology is also helping coworkers be more productive with AI assistants and chatbots for voice to text dictation, team collaboration, customer service, and calendar updates. The number of apps for coworkers and coworking spaces is multiplying, as workers want to improve their coworking experiences.

4. Membership Incentives

Membership incentives can attract new coworkers and retain existing ones. Fresh coffee and tea, fruit drinks and spritzers, healthy snacks, work parties, networking events, coaching, craft beer, and many other incentives help to make spaces more enjoyable and productive.

5. Pet-Friendly Spaces

Pets are a part of our families, so why shouldn’t they be a part of our workspaces, too? Having animal-friendly spaces with beds, water stations, and a fenced-in potty and play area is sure to delight any pet owner. These employees are less stressed and more productive, and the coworking spaces have a more positive reputation within the community as well.

Corporate and hotel coworking will continue to expand, and the real estate industry should take notice. Flexible, friendly workspaces are growing in popularity due to the millennial generation, and coworking will only grow from here on out. Contact us to help you integrate great coworking spaces into your Los Angeles real estate.

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