5 Questions Every Renter Should Ask Before Signing a Residential Lease

5 Questions Every Renter Should Ask Before Signing a Residential Lease

  • David Passman
  • 03/17/20

Home Is Where the Heart Is, Which Means That Finding a Place That Feels Like Home Is a Vital Undertaking. Here Are Five Questions You Should Ask Before Signing a Lease.

How Often Will Rent Increase, and by How Much?

Some landlords raise the rent every year, while others might not increase it for a few years. Some units are rent-controlled (and thus can only go up by a certain percentage each year), and others aren’t. It’s important to know exactly what you’re getting yourself into so you can be prepared for any future rent increases.

Is Anything Else Included in the Price of Rent?

Many landlords include some utilities (such as water, gas, and trash) in the monthly rental fee, but it’s vital that you know what’s included beforehand so you can budget appropriately for any additional increases. You’ll also want to find out if they charge extra for garage clickers, onsite gym keys, and other basics you might need as part of your rental package. If you have a furry friend, you’ll also want to ask if they charge an extra fee for pets. Finally, you’ll want to ask when rent is due every month, and whether any grace period exists.

Do You Require Renter’s Insurance?

While some landlords don’t require renter’s insurance, it’s always a good idea to purchase it to have yourself covered in case anything unexpected happens. If your landlord does require renter’s insurance, you’ll want to clarify what it should cover and whether there is a minimum amount of coverage required.

How Do Things Get Fixed?

Chances are very good that you might eventually have issues that need to be addressed, from a leaky faucet to a clogged toilet. Find out in advance which items your landlord will handle (and how you should contact them to let them know the problems you’re having). You should also ask under what circumstances the landlord is legally permitted to enter the apartment, and how they will notify you should they need to inspect something. 

What Happens When You Move Out?

Start by asking what happens if you need to break your lease or end it early for any reason. Next, clarify when you can expect the deposit to be returned once you vacate the premises. 
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