Luxury Home Shopping in LA? Explore These 3 Hot Neighborhoods

Luxury Home Shopping in LA? Explore These 3 Hot Neighborhoods

  • David Passman
  • 08/27/19

Highlighting LA’s Best Communities That Make Luxury Homebuyers Swoon

Being able to call the “City of Angels” home is a popular dream. Los Angeles is renown for being a center for the arts and one of the United States’ greatest destinations for stylish excess. This opulent city has won people's hearts all over the world, and once you’ve been there, it isn’t tough to see why.

With a wide variety of neighborhoods, LA can become the perfect place for anyone. Every community is slightly different, flaunting a specific element of the California essence. The choices are endless.

Ready to experience living in Los Angeles? Let’s explore some of LA’s hottest luxury neighborhoods.

Culver City

This bright metropolis is known for being a hub of movie and TV production. But Culver City also makes for a fabulous home. Located next to the beach town Marina Del Rey and the sloping Baldwin Hills, this city is a vibrant cultural center with a flourishing nightlife. In Culver City, you’ll find every possible amenity and comfort.

Downtown Culver City has a pedestrian-friendly boulevard where you’ll find all the finest restaurants, shopping, and entertainment. Meet In Paris is one of the city’s best stops for a simple gourmet bite.

Culver City Arts District is home to numerous artist studios, where local artists create work that is featured at the district’s elegant galleries and neighborhood events. Locals also come here for the chic nightlife. Check out the Museum of Jurassic Technology, an avant-garde museum, or head to Seventy7 Lounge for specialty cocktails.

Beverly Hills

Probably the most famous Los Angeles community, Beverly Hills is the prime location for all things glitz and glamour. Absolutely everything luxurious can be found in Beverly Hills, from the real estate to the thriving city life. Beverly Hills is an iconic space where all the best things in life are within reach.

World-famous shopping is available along Rodeo Drive, one of LA’s hottest spots. Dining here is unlike any other place in the world since chefs from around the globe settle here to make their mark. The nature scene is just as expansive as the endless entertainment, with the Beverly Gardens Park full of blooming roses and lovely fountains.

Whether it’s an afternoon on the town, a spa day, a nature excursion, or a night out, Beverly Hills lavishly enhances any experience.


Glendale is special unto itself. This historic town hosts a wonderful array of cultural offerings, giving this community a unique flavor. The Mediterranean climate makes every day a perfect opportunity to spend time outdoors, which fits in well with the city’s 50 public parks and hiking areas. Locals love Deukmejian Wilderness Park for its creeks, waterfalls, and plains.

The artistic atmosphere is booming, with plenty of festivals and open galleries. There’s a weekly farmers market that brings in the freshest produce from all over California. All this is coupled with the typical LA scene of shopping, dining, and entertainment. Who could ask for more?

If you’re looking to move into the LA area, contact us. The Passman Group. We can help you find a piece of Los Angeles real estate that’s right for you, whether you want to live in The Valley or 90210.

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