Ricky Mitchell




Ricky Mitchell is thrilled to be working with The Passman Group. His passion for residential and commercial real estate was fueled by his intimate interest in his family’s vacation home. Through that, he discovered real estate is ultimately personal: the spaces that people will spend the majority of their time in, be it at home, on vacation, or at work. He believes this business is about developing relationships and transparency so that people feel safe on either side of their endeavor. 

Ricky also brings a unique skillset to The Passman Group. Born and raised in the deaf community, his first language is American Sign Language, and he remains fluent in it. Raised on a ranch in southern Arizona, Ricky knows hard honest work and is prepared to work just as hard for anyone he should associate with. He moved to Los Angeles over 10 years ago after a stint in Washington DC to expand family retail businesses. He set out to serve the community here through interpreting.

Ricky thoroughly enjoys assisting his clients by providing complete reliability and integrity in buying or selling property.

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